Dreaming Wordz

Dreaming Wordz or rather Dreaming Words (the blog name – dreamingwords  was already taken 😦 ) could not be a more appropriate name for my blog. Since these are the two of my most favourite things in life – dreaming (most times day dreaming) and words (mostly in books/poems). As I settled into my sabbatical from work sometime ago, a part of me was actually looking forward to all the books I would finally get to read. There had been a pretty long break in our relationship since I had to forego reading books after getting a job. Yet I would try to sneak in sometime with them even then. But here lay an unending time and space for me to fill up with books! Just the thought of drowning myself into the stories of each book while living the characters, feeling their thoughts and feelings would make me all giddy and rolling on the lush green lawns of la-la-land! 😀

“A word is dead when it’s been said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.”
– Emily Dickinson

Nothing has been more true about words! Words may have come a long way from Old English to the new age slangs, but each of them hold a meaning, an expression, a small part of the bigger knowledge…Words made up of the consonants and vowels help convey a story, news, a poem, a conversation or just as simple and adorable as a baby’s talk (though they use their own versions of words 😉 ). Life is made up of words – beautiful words!

As Cassandra Clare says in The Clockwork Prince,

“We live and breathe words.”


2 thoughts on “Dreaming Wordz

  1. labyless

    I love the quotes you have here and especially the one in your tag line. I’ve never heard it before and it makes me want to paint it on some canvas and hang it on my wall!



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