Candles on a cake, and friends for keepsakes!

Hello All!

Today’s post is dedicated to those loony friends of yours who will do the craziest things and yet you can just sit there and do nothing but adore them 🙂 I know we all have them.

One such friend of mine gifted me a greeting card on my birthday without anything written on it. Reason? Did she forget to write a little heartfelt message for me on my birthday? No….Did she want herself to write something sweet for me on my birthday? No again.

I stop the annoying questions and the lame answers here and tell you that she gave me the blank greeting card to me so that I  write a poem for myself…Apparently, I keep bragging about my peot-ing (I know there is something wrong with that word!) skills  😛

Loathe her for the sheer sass? Hell yeah!… Love her? Yeaaaaaaah I do *Grudgingly accepts*.

(You can stop feeling so happy about yourself! Yeah, you know who you are!)

So, it is 3 years little late getting back to her on her wacky request, but here I go. My first ever poem to be written on a birthday greeting card for ME by ME!


To the less wise ME,



Can you see the clouds,
threatening and thundering far far behind?
Pelting your sins, of black hot showers
The soil, parched and unkind…

Can you see the smoke billowing after?
Putrid, unclean and undoing…
Fed and spurred by your own betraying hands,
stifling your loved ones..and hurting

The stormy waters reach your ears?
Your recklessness raging into raves…
Swallowing the shores of a newly made soul
The sound now fading into the curly waves…

If you really see, the thundering clouds are distant…
If you take a look, the billowing fire burns none…
If you really listen, the raging waters you hear no more…
If you search within & see, that is how far you have come…

The kind souls around you,
have absolved you of your sins…
Forgiven your betrayal, Sharing
in your indicting pin…

If not for the self reprieve,
that finds no place in your heart…
Let the loving amnesty bloom,
Heralding a fragrant lily-white start…

See the lush green fields ahead,
With opportunities…lavishly benevolent?
To sow virtuous seeds, shower your faith
Opportunities to forget, if not expiate…

Let the little sewn soul dwell in your heart,
And welcome the new threads weaving into you…
Step bravely into your new blue sapphire,
The past blending to make a new unblemished you…

It’s the last onerous step,
Let the bliss in, the uncertainty go…
Believe in me, believe in you,
And that is how far you have to go…

~From the wisdom in me….


On a different and lesser, but still on a philosophical note….


PC: Supcake

Dedicated to all John green fans out there 🙂



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