The cloaked sovereign

The following post is in response to the Daily prompt – “A mystery wrapped in an enigma” – Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

“Hail Princess Diya!! Hail Princess Diya!!”

“Hail Motherland Elysia!! The saviour is back!!”

“Hail Savior Diya!! Hail Princess Diya!!”

I stood dumbfounded staring at the people of Elysia cheering my name and looking at me with reverent admiration on their faces.

Are these people talking about me? I am….the saviour? the princess? the long lost princess….who was thought to be lost in the red war!!

No! That can’t be! I am not the princess! Nor am I the saviour. I am just a simple urban girl from a town outside of Elysia. What happened was just a co-incidence. But then there was a luminescence thing that happened that killed all those mean villianous gorillas who were attacking the Elysians. And it did seem to be emitted from…ME! How did that happen? Was there someone behind me focusing some powerful poisonous light?

That thought itself was soul shattering, not to say utterly ridiculous.

I must have looked crazy with all these thoughts running inside of me, for I did not even notice everyone around me was kneeling with their heads bowed down. That was when Amor still kneeling in front of me took pity on me and whispered, “Your highness, you need to gesture to make them rise.”


“Just say..You may rise”

I looked at the people kneeling in front of me, bowing their heads waiting. And it clicked, a little too late. “Y-You may rise”, I croaked finally.

Everyone rose. Someone I had come to know as Siham came to me with tears in his eyes.
“My Princess, we have searched all over for you. You were our only hope for getting the durjans eliminated and restoring Elysia. Where were you Princess, we have waited so long for you!”


I could not dampen the fear and anxiety rising inside of me. How can I make these people believe that I am not who they thought I was. I am not their Princess! I am Abha. Just Abha. Whose parents were not the royal king and queen, but the simple lowly owners of a lowly grocery store in Pomri. The store, which I am supposed to save from the leaders of the durjans, now that I think about it.

Amor cleared his throat and I was brought to the present where all the Elysians were looking at me with expectant eyes. I was about to tell them that there must be some misunderstanding when Amor touched my elbow to get my attention.

“There was a prophecy. The Dom Chiragi or the powerful luminescence will destroy the durjans and save this land. She will be the saviour, and the lost princess Diya of Elysia. She will have a luminant band of light inside her right wrist.”

I consciously touched my right wrist. How did he know about that?!

“I think you now see that this may be true. You are the Princess Diya of Elysia.”

“No!” I cried. This can’t be happening. The future of all these people and Elysia my hands? or rather my right wrist?! This was getting even more bizarre.

“Yes you are! Look, I know this is huge. It will take some time to sink in. I have been with you for all this time and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t realise…” He stopped talking. He had a melancholy expression on his face like he is thinking whether me being a Princess was a good thing or bad. He sighed a long sigh finally.

“For now, why don’t we just reach the castle? You have your parents’ store to save, too. And we’ll see how things go from there.”

He looked at me, his eyes searching mine, waiting for affirmation.

I just nodded. “But only to save my parents’ store!”

“As you say, my Princess!”

“I am not your Princess!!”

His lip twitched. “Ok my Princess.”

“Ughhh!!” I huffed and started towards the back of the caravan. Everyone kneeled again and the enchantments began. I turned and looked at them with unbelieving eyes. And saw Amor, still kneeling, but his shoulders giving away his laughter.

Great! That’s just great! Now I have to deal with all this, too?!

What??? Why are you guys so confused? This is true! This is an event in my life that people don’t know about….?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I think it was supposed to be something from this lifetime!! I get it now.

O well! There’s still another life to write about something from this lifetime 😉 😛


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