Between the Sand and the Sea


Hi All! I would like to apologize to Umber for not completing the challenge consistently and on time. I have been missing in action for a few days since the viruses of common cold have found a comfortable shelter within me from quite a few days. Nevertheless, here is the last poem for the last day of the challenge. Lastly but not the least, I am honoured to be invited to join the FIVE PHOTOS FIVE STORIES challenge by Umber from The Summer Rain and I thank her for the kind gesture.


Let yourself go,
Oh dear grainy friend,
Just sway away with me,
I’ll flow you to the other end

It’s an euphoria, O salty amigo!
It’s dancing all the way,
It’s letting my fears go,
Flowing with you all the way…

Let me take you on a thrill ride
Just on the banks, soft sand, you stay
I’ll rush in gushing tides
And pull you fast in all the way

The tidal games you play,
And the gurgling waves you make,
Makes me laugh and cry,
And me, to a different high you take…

Oh mighty Ocean,
Stretching far and wide
You hold me in, the smallest part of you,
But I carry you whole, within me you reside

You may carry me whole, in you I reside,
But I take you with me all the way
To be with you through the tide,
I make you in the bottom lay…


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