My heart lighter and my mind calmer

I guess I have had a few surreal experiences in my life. If you stop and really think about it, life does throw these moments at you when you feel calm, serene, relaxed, sort of out of the world, disconnected and yet somehow connected. I have felt these emotions at various times like on the last day of school, and while holding my friend’s daughter for the very first time, then again on the Pikes peak mountain and while skiing on the Rocky mountains. These experiences I remember from the past. However, I do remember feeling surrealistic recently while travelling on Highway 1 from SFO to LA. We were a little late in starting from SFO and thus it was getting slightly darker. I was worried we would not be able to witness the amazing beauty of the Highway 1 Seas once it gets darker. And so of course we stopped at every place point on the way to get pictures. But then there was one particular place we had stopped and I was simply astounded by the view. From between the V of the mountains,I saw the most spectacular view of the sea meeting the sky. I could not make out where the sea ended and where the sky started. It felt like a giant canvas painting. And the sinking sun just added more beautiful hues to the scenery. I just stopped thinking, talking, smiling. I just stopped. It was one of the most serene I have ever felt. Even remembering now makes me wanna go back and feel all those emotions. Simply Surreal!

DPP_1210 DPP_1217

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