26 minus 1

The following post is an acknowledgement to the Daily Posts’ today’s daily stimulation.

We have 26 alphabets in the English language, and we need all of them. Want evidence? Choose an alphabet and pen a blog post without using it. (Feeling Valiant? Make it a vowel!) (Changed the text to avoid using the disallowed alphabet)

The famous Lexicon, which has the name of the 52nd biggest city in the United Kingdom, lists the commonness of the alphabets in the following table.

E                            11.1607%            M              3.0129%
A                             8.4966%             H               3.0034%
Alphabet next to Q 7.5809%             G               2.4705%
I                              7.5448%             B                2.0720%
O                            7.1635%             F                1.8121%
T                             6.9509%             Y               1.7779%
N                            6.6544%             W               1.2899%
S                            5.7351%              K               1.1016%
L                             5.4893%             V                1.0074%
C                            4.5388%             X                 0.2902%
U                            3.6308%             Z                 0.2722%
D                            3.3844%             J                 0.1965%
P                            3.1671%             Q                 0.1962%

I am attempting to pen a post without the alphabet that is between Q and S. It may not be a vowel (Yup, I was not feeling that valiant today) but it still is next to the second common alphabet! And let me tell you it’s not easy at all. Albeit it was fun! If given a chance to not have this alphabet at all, then I would definitely not go with it. I undoubtedly have no issues with this specific alphabet but also, my beloved nephew’s name initiates with this alphabet 🙂 So following is a small post attempting to pen few lines without the said alphabet.

My husband is watching the ongoing match of the most followed and loved game of India. It is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 athletes each on a field at the middle of which is an oblong 22-quad long pitch. Each team gets to bat, attempting to gain points, while the next team fields. Each batting attempt by a team is known as an innings.
Long ago, I was a passionate fan of the game, too. Me and my eldest sibling watched the games jointly. Now that I think of, he used to do all the mental, nutty and unhinged things that fans usually do claiming that these actions ensue to be conducive to helping the team win the game. Such as not leaving the place until the game is done, not leave the sitting bench even to eat, consume ales. Once I walked into the place and somebody belonging to the Indian team knocked a six. Post this, my sibling wouldn’t let me leave the place even to attend my classes!! Now it feels highly amusing but believe me, I had to do a lot of nutty things all in the name of the game. Imagine sitting with thy legs beneath you and not be able to change the stance lest you aid in losing the game!! God Veto!!


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