Of lac and luster

This story is in response to the daily promt – Set it to right

As Diya slid on one bangle after another, she can’t help but admire the beauty of the lac bangles. The bangle industry sure has made a lot of progress in manufacturing the most beautiful designer lac bangles in different colours, lace, rhinestones, beads et al. Long ago, her Mom used to get plain lac bangles from the Goddess temple on the same day as today – Nagpanchami. Bangles like these were not made at that time, at the most they used to make them with gold metal lace and mirrors. The memory of the simple red lac bangles takes her back in time to all those years ago on the same day of Nagpanchami.

Her Mom had bought lac bangles for her as she usually did whenever she visited the Goddess temple. Except this time she had a dozen more bangles than usual.
“I thought you would want to gift these to your friends when you go to class today.” Her Mom said, smilingly.
Diya was just a teenaged girl who lived in a modest home with modest earnings. No wonder then that she was thrilled at the idea. She packed the bangles carefully in pairs, one for each of her friends. She had put on her new dress which her Mom had got for her from the local market. With the packed bangles in her bag, she couldn’t wait to get to her classes that day.

When she entered her class, she saw that everybody had dressed up for the occasion. And then one of her best friends – Simi entered the room. Simi’s dress was a lovely embroidered skirt and top with motifs. Diya couldn’t stop admiring her friend. She went up and complimented Simi on the dress. It was then she noticed the bangles on her friend’s wrists. They were beautiful lac bangles matching her friend’s dress except these were not plain. They had intricate gold designs and minute mirror work. She couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed of the plain red lac bangles that her mom had gotten for her and her friends. Their classes started and Diya decided not to give away the gift of the bangles to her friends. She just needed to keep her bag closed so that no one finds out the bangles inside.

During the first break, they all were faced with the rude shock of high school life and teenage jealousy when they found that Diya and Simi were missing their notes from class. Someone suggested checking everybody’s bags. Diya panicked. If they checked her bag, they would find the ugly bangles and she would be embarrassed so she held on to her bag stating repeatedly that she didn’t have the notes. Of course everybody thought that she was the thief and she had to face judging eyes of her friends for a long time after that day. Yet, she never gave any clarifications on her actions that day. She let it slide even after finding her notes with one of her friends later on during the summer vacations. The blank pages on her notes had been covered with shorthand notations that her stealthy friend was practising for the summer.

Thinking about all those things now, she regrets not showing her bag to her friends on that day. Also, she regrets not giving her friends the gifts of the lac bangles. Now she knows that it’s the gesture that counts. She is sure even Simi would have liked the plain ones because SHE had gifted her with them.

They were just bangles and some notes. But she would love to fix it all if she got a chance today.

lac1 lac2 lac3 lac4


Manufacturing process of lac bangles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LgmB6JndEs


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