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Lihita lihita kalam thabakte…

To all those who understand my native language, Marathi – Ram ram pavhna! 🙂 Posting one of my marathi creations for the first time. I apologize to my friends who do not understand the language, but I couldn’t resist posting it 🙂

|| Shree ||

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Home, is where…

Hi all! I have been MIA for a while so you might see a few posts with outdated prompts and poems. I apologize for that. The following poem is in response to the daily prompt’s Cupid’s arrow and is also the one that I wrote for my husband for his recent birthday 🙂


I often think
Of the place that soothes me
I often think
Of the place that calms me

I often wonder
about that special place
Now that we are so far
Away from our birthplace

Is that the place
where I grew up…
My mom braiding my hair
while at the sky I look up

Or the place where I
play with my friends
Innocence and laughter
And fun have no end

Or is it your place,
Where I entered as a bride
Where I started a life,
I dreamed of at every tide

Or is this foreign new world,
Where we found our feet
Where we saw a new universe,
While thinking of the land where we did meet

As I sit gathering my thoughts,
On the place I feel soothed and calm,
The place I feel complete…
The place I can call…home

I stumbled upon it eventually…
I am happy and calm wherever you are,
I am serene and complete,
wherever you are…

You are my special place,
That I look up to
You are the friend,
I laugh and have fun with

You are the dream I dream of,
You are the universe I live in…
You are my better half..
You are….home!