Spock and Piñatas!

Couldn’t resist writing for another prompt from Ten Quote Tuesday. I used the prompt –

  • Start your scene with this line: I don’t remember my birthdays.

Spock and Piñatas!

I don’t remember my birthdays. Not really. When I think of them, I only remember the caviar or salmon puffs floating around the room at my so-called birthday party. My party where my Dad and his associates who dressed in expensive suits discussed shop. And my mom and her friends in their own extravagant ensembles gaily gossiped away about the one lady who was not present. And me? Well I was supposed to “mingle” with my very own privileged, rich and classy friends – who by the way used to be busy with their own antics of under-age drinking and smoking. I had a few friends I liked, like Peter and Sam, but who were not invited because they didn’t come from “our world”. I don’t remember wishing on the candles or cutting a cake. I don’t remember if anyone ever sang the happy birthday song to me. I don’t remember my family hugging me and wishing me a happy birthday in the morning. There were gifts though, I think.

That’s what birthdays used to mean to me. That’s what the definition of a birthday is to me. The definition of a “happy” birthday was lost on me after 18 birthdays in my father’s castle. I never went back to celebrate my birthday in my parents’ house after that. Now, that I think, I never did celebrate my birthday after that nor did I wish to. And that is what I had told Lily last night when she mentioned about having a special birthday party for me. Of course she was surprised on hearing about my birthday parties. You see, she doesn’t come from a world like mine. She comes from a different world altogether where her parents threw birthday parties to make her happy. A world where her Dad dresses up in beach-wear when they had a pool party for one of her birthdays. Or when her mom wore spurs for her pony-themed party. A world where I found Sam and Peter again. A world where I wanted to be in, away from the world that I ran from to find my own feet and stand firmly on them. Needless to say, I am still putting one knobbly baby foot after another.

As I parked the car in the parking of the apartment complex, I was thinking of one of my birthday parties, where my mom found my sister huddled inside one of the bedrooms with one of Dad’s associates. Boy, if I was contemplating my past life so much, I truly am experiencing the quarter life crisis.

Finding the correct key, I opened the door to the apartment and a big shout of “Surprise!!” rang from inside. Everybody was there! Peter and Sam and their wives and children, my friends from office, my sister and her boyfriend, Lily’s parents and her brother Jess, Lily’s friends and Lily! And the whole apartment was decorated with balloons and streamers and happy birthday signs!I couldn’t find any words other than just staring in wonder and laughing.

As I kissed Lily to thank her for doing this, she told me that this is not all. She pulled me by my hand to various corners of the house where each corner was decorated with a different theme – A corner for superheroes with batman, superman, spiderman paraphernalia spread across it. Another one with a Star Wars theme, one with piñatas of every shape hanging from the ceiling! One room was full of games – foosball table, table tennis table and pool table. The dining table was full of kiddy pizzas and burgers with chips and sodas. A huge baseball shaped birthday cake took up the centre of the table.

“You got me piñatas!”

“You like them? I tried putting all the themes we had for Jess’ birthdays. I also wanted to put up a pony themed corner but there was no room.” She sounded like a little girl who had lost a fairy hair brush.

“Oh honey! I am sure you can keep something for my next birthday.” I said as I pulled her in for a hug.

“I just wanted you to have an actual birthday party to make up for the past 24 birthdays.”

As I looked at the love pouring through her eyes, I couldn’t help feeling that I am home.

This is my world.


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