This one is in response to the daily prompt – Image Search
Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

I could not think of a word randomly. So I looked up the word of the day and listed their word of the day as “Incessant”. And the 11th image I found on Google for “Incessant” was this.


The first thought that came to mind when I saw this picture was my husband’s snoring. And yes it is incessant. It is quite for a while in the start, but gradually the tempo increases and he is snoring full out which is sure to disturb a person sleeping next to him. And I came across the actual sound level of his snoring quite recently. You ask how that is possible? You see, I have about a 40-50% hearing loss in both the ears. So I have to use hearing aids for listening. And at night I do not wear my hearing aids, so I am not really bothered by my husband’s snoring. Lucky me? Yes, I have heard that before. In fact it’s a funny story to tell at parties 😉

But it so happened that I took a break from work, and at that time I was reading into the night quite a lot. And I don’t usually realize that I still have my hearing aids in my ears until I am sleeping. Once the snoring reaches my aids, they amplify the sound and when it reaches my eardrums, I realize that I still have them on. These are the moments when I almost feel good for my hearing aids. All those years of ear pain, stinging ear drops, painful ear examinations, excruciatingly hurting ear surgeries are instantly forgotten.

That is when I remove my hearing aids and read my book, revelling in the peace and quiet of the night.


8 thoughts on “Incessant

  1. booknerdkim

    Hi, new to your blog (visiting over from Blogging 101). Great post! I really liked this prompt myself. Some of the prompts have beem so-so lately, but I’ve enjoyed reading people’s posts!


  2. maanneilaganlopez

    That’s one advantage for hear loss. I grew up to my mom’s snore. I have high tolerance to noise when I sleep, I don’t get bothered. But not really an advantage. I need to set the alarm 10x to work for me!


    1. Sheetal Post author

      Wow..thats nice to have…high tolerance to noise. I have hear loss and yet I cannot bear loud music or even the TV when the sound is too loud.
      Thanks for checking out my post 🙂


  3. The Catechumen's flux

    hi, i came across your post through blogging 101 found it interesting, went through your blog and was hooked to it, decided to follow..thanks for enriching my life…



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