The destination is on your left. (Um..So, where do I park?!)

Response to Daily prompt : I got skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Mental navigational ability! That is the one I would want to be the mistress of! I swear I can never remember routes! I am terrible at remembering the simple usual route that we take almost every time we go grocery shopping or to the restaurants. Even if I am walking to a certain place which I have been to before, I have to memorize the route from Google maps before hand or have it noted down on paper with me. Also I need to know before hand the details about the entrance to the parking area of a certain place I am going to, to be able to drive there. Hello?! The GPS doesn’t tell you that! Almost 95% of the times my husband who is like a breathing GPS, rides shotgun with me and acts as the navigator.  And its the same in every country I have been in. In India its still a bit easier since I have grown up there and I can easily travel to the places that I have been to a thousand times. Besides, navigation would never work in India! Okay, digressing now.

Once I was in Glasgow, UK – a brand new place – with no husband to navigate me. You can imagine the chaos that resulted. It took me a walk of about 45 minutes to reach an Indian restaurant which was just a15 min walk from my hotel! And yes, I still am totally embarrassed!

So, if I could choose to be a master of any skill in the world, I would choose to master the art of mental navigation or road navigation skills.


5 thoughts on “The destination is on your left. (Um..So, where do I park?!)

  1. MiMi Smith (Magical Mystical MiMi)

    I totally feel your pain. I’m a landmark traveler. I use lakes, stores, fast food places, anything as a landmark to tell me where I am. I’m good with main streets but forget all of those off shoot roads and my GPS is more wrong than right most of the time! – Stopping by from ‘The Daily Post.’ – 🙂


    1. Sheetal Post author

      Thank you for your reply. It feels so good to know that I am not the only one 😉 But I am terrible with these things, even with landmarks! Any way, thanks for stopping by.



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