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It’s great seeing you all on this side of 2015! Wish you a very happy new year again! My first post of 2015 is in response to the weekly post – Ten quote Tuesday by the writer’s path. The post is a little late (life keeps happening!) but better than not. With this post I wish that we all write our own 2015 😉

I used the prompt –

  • Start your scene with this line: I found life’s instruction manual.


I found life’s instruction manual….! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had found life’s instruction manual!!! A brief slide show of my life’s most difficult moments passed through my vision and I felt a great sense of elation….elation of finding answers to all that went wrong with all those moments. I am a big day-dreamer and as such I started building castles in the air of how I would build up my castle of life by gathering all the sands of strength and purpose and achieve a foundation of fortitude. I saw my heart floating lightly on the balcony of my castle, free of remorse, guilt and grief.

Feeling slightly happy I gathered my crumbling self and sat down on the floor with my back resting against the wall. My hands held the book reverently in my lap. It was a sturdy book, a little worn on the sides due to age but still quite new. And it was quite heavy too. A pair of cerulean blue eyes looked over at you from the cover picture. If I looked at them I felt a myriad of feelings within them…sometimes compassion, pity, remorse, anger, determination, joy and love! I opened the book and in the centre of the page was the text –

“If you have found this book, this book was your destiny. Use it well.”

Yes! I thought! This book IS MY destiny! I couldn’t wait any longer to gorge on the ambrosial words in the book. I turned the page but the next page was blank. I turned this one, too but the next was blank, too. A little more than disappointed, that was starting to drown out my earlier enthusiasm, I flipped through the pages of the book and discovered that the whole book was blank.

I sat there stunned as though having lost heaven through my fingers. I felt my walls collapsing and loss, despair and hurt flooded my heart and leaked out through my eyes. As I was starting to curse destiny, the last page of the book fell open in my lap and it read –

“This is your life, your destiny. Write your own.”

The words like swords pierced through my despair and touched my soul. I could sit dwelling in the life that was dealt to me or I could look forward to something I could make for myself. Life has been hard until now, but I hadn’t done much to improve its quality other than mope and wallow. The words gave me a new lease of life. I can still have my castle, my answers, my joy! They will all be my own! And I don’t have to depend on anybody else to get all those! As I contemplated on the possible morrow, I felt my heart get lighter and a smile linger on my face.

With a new-found fervour, I picked up a pen and wrote down the first line out of many more to come…

“This is my life, my destiny. I will write my own”


photo courtesy: Google free images


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