Aye aye captain!

This is in response to the prompt by Ten Quote Tuesday. I have been reading this wonderful weekly quote for a few weeks now and this is my first attempt to write for the prompts mentioned in the post.

I used the following prompt:

– Start a scene with this line: It had been at least a minute since he last blinked.

Aye aye, Captain!

It had been at least a minute since he last blinked. He kept staring at Patrick, his friend and senior.

The briefing was over and one by one everyone left the meeting room. Josh stayed where he was. As Patrick approached him, he had a knowing expression on his face.

“I hope you know what is at stake here, Josh. It’s very important to the department that this case gets cracked at the earliest.”

Josh found his voice at last. He stared hard at Patrick while retorting, “You want me to act as Karen’s husband! After knowing everything about me and Karen, I can’t believe you are doing this to me. And you didn’t even discuss it with me before the briefing!”

“I am the Chief officer here Josh”, bellowed Patrick. “And I have to make difficult decisions sometimes. Even if they affect my friends. I am aware of how you feel about Karen, but this is about doing your duty. I am hoping that you’ll keep aside your personal history and concentrate on what is at hand. That is what is expected of you, Officer Danes!”

Josh felt chastised but he knew that he was not really mad at Patrick. He was just doing his job. But he was in no mood to say that to Patrick.

“We need information about Karen’s boss”, Patrick continued as if he didn’t see the grimace on Josh’s face. “Her brother, Kyle and you are the best people to do it. Kyle won’t work with anyone he can’t trust. He knows you and Karen were in a relationship before she left town. He might have been in touch with her and know few things that might help us in the investigation.”

Josh looked unconvinced. Patrick knew this was hard for Josh. But he knew that getting to the bottom of this case was more important if they wanted to save the lives of young girls. “You know I wouldn’t involve you in this if it wasn’t of utmost importance”, said Patrick.

Josh understood the gravity of the situation. This was more serious than Karen betraying him. He knew that if they didn’t find the pimp soon, many innocent girls were in danger. He tried to think of the situation, this time focusing clearly on the task. “You are basing this on the assumption that Kyle will even talk to me. He adores his sister. And I said few very hurtful things to her that day when everything fell apart. He won’t even want to see me.”

“I know that. Remember, I was there too. But Karen was messed up and Kyle believed that you were the best thing to happen to her. He likes you.” Patrick felt hopeful at the turn the conversation was taking.

Josh didn’t say anything.

Patrick tried another track. “Who knows, she might come around. She has been through a lot and may have learnt a few life lessons”
“Well Patrick, we don’t know if she will or will not come around because if you didn’t notice, she is in a damn COMA!”. He was angry now. Even if she betrayed him, Josh was still in love with her and seeing her in that condition in the ICU had taken a lot out of him. And to put him back into the fold was getting to be difficult for him.

But Patrick was insistent. “Which makes it difficult to get information out of her, and that is where you come in.” Patrick sympathized with his friend but he had to get this done. ” Look, Josh I’ll make a deal with you. You do this for me, your Chief, and I’ll spend the next evening apologizing to you, my friend, over drinks”
Josh glanced briefly at Patrick, heaved a sigh and said “You are on, Chief.”
Patrick smirked. “The things I do for you…”
“Shut up! And don’t forget to get the drinks”. Josh said, smiling.
“Get cracking, Danes!”
“Aye aye Captain!”



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