Hush my baby, till I see the light..


Hush a bye baby
Up in the sky
On a soft cloud
it’s easy to fly
Angels keep watch
Over as you sleep
So hush a bye baby
Don’t make a peep

Rock a bye baby
Do not you fear
Never mind baby
Mother is near
Wee little fingers
Eyes are shut tight
Now sound asleep
Until Mama sees the light…


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Lyrics: Little Baby bum

Candles on a cake, and friends for keepsakes!

Hello All!

Today’s post is dedicated to those loony friends of yours who will do the craziest things and yet you can just sit there and do nothing but adore them 🙂 I know we all have them.

One such friend of mine gifted me a greeting card on my birthday without anything written on it. Reason? Did she forget to write a little heartfelt message for me on my birthday? No….Did she want herself to write something sweet for me on my birthday? No again.

I stop the annoying questions and the lame answers here and tell you that she gave me the blank greeting card to me so that I  write a poem for myself…Apparently, I keep bragging about my peot-ing (I know there is something wrong with that word!) skills  😛

Loathe her for the sheer sass? Hell yeah!… Love her? Yeaaaaaaah I do *Grudgingly accepts*.

(You can stop feeling so happy about yourself! Yeah, you know who you are!)

So, it is 3 years little late getting back to her on her wacky request, but here I go. My first ever poem to be written on a birthday greeting card for ME by ME!


To the less wise ME,



Can you see the clouds,
threatening and thundering far far behind?
Pelting your sins, of black hot showers
The soil, parched and unkind…

Can you see the smoke billowing after?
Putrid, unclean and undoing…
Fed and spurred by your own betraying hands,
stifling your loved ones..and hurting

The stormy waters reach your ears?
Your recklessness raging into raves…
Swallowing the shores of a newly made soul
The sound now fading into the curly waves…

If you really see, the thundering clouds are distant…
If you take a look, the billowing fire burns none…
If you really listen, the raging waters you hear no more…
If you search within & see, that is how far you have come…

The kind souls around you,
have absolved you of your sins…
Forgiven your betrayal, Sharing
in your indicting pin…

If not for the self reprieve,
that finds no place in your heart…
Let the loving amnesty bloom,
Heralding a fragrant lily-white start…

See the lush green fields ahead,
With opportunities…lavishly benevolent?
To sow virtuous seeds, shower your faith
Opportunities to forget, if not expiate…

Let the little sewn soul dwell in your heart,
And welcome the new threads weaving into you…
Step bravely into your new blue sapphire,
The past blending to make a new unblemished you…

It’s the last onerous step,
Let the bliss in, the uncertainty go…
Believe in me, believe in you,
And that is how far you have to go…

~From the wisdom in me….


On a different and lesser, but still on a philosophical note….


PC: Supcake

Dedicated to all John green fans out there 🙂


Just know…


I hear your footprints
As you hide beyond
The dark cloudy cobwebs of my mind

I hear your giggles
As you flee across
The gates of my forbidden memories

I can feel your cool….
You disperse into a cloud of mist
When I almost catch you

I can hear the flutter of wings
As you fly away in the blissful azure
When I gather you in the cradle of my arms

All that remain are the silky soft curtains
Swaying gently in the moonlit window
As I try to serenade you in the room of my mind

Your eyes don’t blame…
Oh sweetheart, you never ever blame…
Even as I fall lower in the sin pit

I know….

You are sewn in my soul
You were part of mine…once
As I am a whole of you

I know…..

And yet I still search for you..
And yet I still pine for you…
And yet my heart breaks for you…
And yet I still guilt for you….

But know….

You were my first…
My heart beat with yours then
And it died a little with you, too

And know….

As my heart beats anew again,
It’ll always beat to yours…
And my soul will always seek you

Just know….


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Yes, My Accent Is Real: and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You by Kunal Nayyar

accentrealBook Name: Yes, My Accent Is Real: and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You

Author: Kunal Nayyar

Pages: 272

Genre: Memoir

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Format: Kindle eBook


My words: Boy, you never had a dull moment, did you Kunal? A year out of your life is equal to 10 of mine. And we are of the same age! (Oh just believe me!)

I’ll be honest. I bought the book only because I like the character Raj on Big bang (so, that paid off quiet well! Congratulations!)….and also because Kunal is actually funny when he appears on talk shows. And the fact that he is an Indian like I am doesn’t really cut it. Not really. I don’t go buying books written by every Indian author. Or it really did cut it..maybe a little. The point is, I loved the book.

Reading the book was like going through a kaleidoscope of events while randomly choosing some to dig a little deeper, feel the before and after emotions. I like the fact that Kunal has not portrayed the book as a memoir or an inspiring life story. Or the story of an underdog.. nor is it portrayed as a story of a guy who has had to face obstacles and difficult hardships in life to achieve what he has. No. And yet, I liked the book. Very much so. Why? Because of what I take away from the selective excerpts from his life that are presented in this book. It’s the story of just another guy – a common man just like you or me – that is the unique thing about the book and of course his journey towards being a not-so-common man. His life experiences are just like ours and hold your attention till the end like it was you living them; with an extra spice of humour added in just the right proportions. He has included personal stories that you can relate to in the most natural way. The story about his dad in “Dinners with Dad” and the one about his connection with his brother were heart touching.

What I found endearing in Kunal’s story is the process in which he has evolved over time by virtue of his experiences and relationships in life. So essentially, he does not just lay around his stories, the events of his life for the reader to draw conclusions from. He takes amazing initiatives to put forth his
thoughts on the matter then and his thoughts on the matter now. He doesn’t always come across looking good, he’s quick to point out his own shortcomings and how he’s trying to be a better person following that. And that’s all one can vie to be in life – a better person. By pointing out his immature reaction on being constantly rejected for the lead part and how he channelised his inner demons into a ‘carpe diem’ moment just emphasises the evolving part. And one can surely respect someone who
can admit to all the crap that one does in life and moves on by accepting and correcting his way through all that.

Another plus point of the book is that Kunal has a unique way of storytelling interjected with witty one liners which make you crackle as you read. The book does have wisecracks splattered through the pages, but it surely doesn’t make the book a literary achievement in humour writing. But this manner of not forcing the humour or sarcasm into the book worked very well for me. The language used in this book is a simple, down-to-earth with easy narration that just make me feel satisfied that he is not trying to oversell himself. He is just being himself. He is just placing himself as he is all with triumphs and errs. That takes courage. Also, what is courageous is that he has a great self-deprecating sense of humor. It is not very easy to pull off and sometimes can be very off-putting. However, Kunal carries it off with aplomb and comes across as a very evolved person. Behind the character of a guy with selective mutism is actually a person who is kind, warm, romantic, intellectual and sometimes even the boy next door. A boy next door with incredible sensibilities and considerate enough to be a close friend. (In fact, I think he won’t mind one more rakhi to his 19 😉 )

A simple book by a simple guy with a simple message.

The cloaked sovereign

The following post is in response to the Daily prompt – “A mystery wrapped in an enigma” – Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

“Hail Princess Diya!! Hail Princess Diya!!”

“Hail Motherland Elysia!! The saviour is back!!”

“Hail Savior Diya!! Hail Princess Diya!!”

I stood dumbfounded staring at the people of Elysia cheering my name and looking at me with reverent admiration on their faces.

Are these people talking about me? I am….the saviour? the princess? the long lost princess….who was thought to be lost in the red war!!

No! That can’t be! I am not the princess! Nor am I the saviour. I am just a simple urban girl from a town outside of Elysia. What happened was just a co-incidence. But then there was a luminescence thing that happened that killed all those mean villianous gorillas who were attacking the Elysians. And it did seem to be emitted from…ME! How did that happen? Was there someone behind me focusing some powerful poisonous light?

That thought itself was soul shattering, not to say utterly ridiculous.

I must have looked crazy with all these thoughts running inside of me, for I did not even notice everyone around me was kneeling with their heads bowed down. That was when Amor still kneeling in front of me took pity on me and whispered, “Your highness, you need to gesture to make them rise.”


“Just say..You may rise”

I looked at the people kneeling in front of me, bowing their heads waiting. And it clicked, a little too late. “Y-You may rise”, I croaked finally.

Everyone rose. Someone I had come to know as Siham came to me with tears in his eyes.
“My Princess, we have searched all over for you. You were our only hope for getting the durjans eliminated and restoring Elysia. Where were you Princess, we have waited so long for you!”


I could not dampen the fear and anxiety rising inside of me. How can I make these people believe that I am not who they thought I was. I am not their Princess! I am Abha. Just Abha. Whose parents were not the royal king and queen, but the simple lowly owners of a lowly grocery store in Pomri. The store, which I am supposed to save from the leaders of the durjans, now that I think about it.

Amor cleared his throat and I was brought to the present where all the Elysians were looking at me with expectant eyes. I was about to tell them that there must be some misunderstanding when Amor touched my elbow to get my attention.

“There was a prophecy. The Dom Chiragi or the powerful luminescence will destroy the durjans and save this land. She will be the saviour, and the lost princess Diya of Elysia. She will have a luminant band of light inside her right wrist.”

I consciously touched my right wrist. How did he know about that?!

“I think you now see that this may be true. You are the Princess Diya of Elysia.”

“No!” I cried. This can’t be happening. The future of all these people and Elysia my hands? or rather my right wrist?! This was getting even more bizarre.

“Yes you are! Look, I know this is huge. It will take some time to sink in. I have been with you for all this time and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t realise…” He stopped talking. He had a melancholy expression on his face like he is thinking whether me being a Princess was a good thing or bad. He sighed a long sigh finally.

“For now, why don’t we just reach the castle? You have your parents’ store to save, too. And we’ll see how things go from there.”

He looked at me, his eyes searching mine, waiting for affirmation.

I just nodded. “But only to save my parents’ store!”

“As you say, my Princess!”

“I am not your Princess!!”

His lip twitched. “Ok my Princess.”

“Ughhh!!” I huffed and started towards the back of the caravan. Everyone kneeled again and the enchantments began. I turned and looked at them with unbelieving eyes. And saw Amor, still kneeling, but his shoulders giving away his laughter.

Great! That’s just great! Now I have to deal with all this, too?!

What??? Why are you guys so confused? This is true! This is an event in my life that people don’t know about….?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I think it was supposed to be something from this lifetime!! I get it now.

O well! There’s still another life to write about something from this lifetime 😉 😛

Between the Sand and the Sea


Hi All! I would like to apologize to Umber for not completing the challenge consistently and on time. I have been missing in action for a few days since the viruses of common cold have found a comfortable shelter within me from quite a few days. Nevertheless, here is the last poem for the last day of the challenge. Lastly but not the least, I am honoured to be invited to join the FIVE PHOTOS FIVE STORIES challenge by Umber from The Summer Rain and I thank her for the kind gesture.


Let yourself go,
Oh dear grainy friend,
Just sway away with me,
I’ll flow you to the other end

It’s an euphoria, O salty amigo!
It’s dancing all the way,
It’s letting my fears go,
Flowing with you all the way…

Let me take you on a thrill ride
Just on the banks, soft sand, you stay
I’ll rush in gushing tides
And pull you fast in all the way

The tidal games you play,
And the gurgling waves you make,
Makes me laugh and cry,
And me, to a different high you take…

Oh mighty Ocean,
Stretching far and wide
You hold me in, the smallest part of you,
But I carry you whole, within me you reside

You may carry me whole, in you I reside,
But I take you with me all the way
To be with you through the tide,
I make you in the bottom lay…

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